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It's David meets Goliath Super-sized,
as American superstar Brock Lesnar, takes on Korean giant Hong Man Choi.
Brock Lesnar Hong Man Choi
  USA Korea
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Their epic 90 min battle made mixed martial arts history on June 2nd history comes to life.
  Kazushi Sakuraba Royce Gracie
  Japan Brazil
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The Korean Crusher vs. Ground-pounder Choi
  Mighty Mo Mu Bae Choi
  USA Korea
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Strength and Speed vs. Leverage and Technique
  Melvin Manhoef Dong Sik Yoon
  Netherlands Korea
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It's Showtime! HERO'S Middle Weight Elite Showcase!
  Javier Vazques Katsuhiko Nagata
  USA Japan
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It's the Battle of the Rising Stars, but who will come out shining?
  Brad Pickett Hideo Tokoro
  UK Japan
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Former NFL Superstar vs. the Fighting Funnyman!
  Johnnie Morton Bernard Ackah
  USA Cote d'Ivoire
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Middleweight World Champion faces his biggest challenge yet!
  J.Z.Calvan Nam Phan
  Brazil USA
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The ring's not big enough for these heavyweight warriors!
  Antonio Silva Jonathan Wiezorek
  Brazil USA
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HERO'S Rules/5minutes3R
Jake Shields Ido Pariente
USA Israel
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   Dynamite!! USA : TV CM
 event information
  • SoftBank presents Dynamite!! USA
    in association with ProElite

  • Date : Saturday, 02nd, June 2007
  • Gates Open : 3:30p.m. Start : 5:00p.m.
  • Place : Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angels , U.S.A.
    (3939 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037)
  • Presented by: FEG USA Inc.
  • Participants: Royce Gracie/ Kazushi Sakuraba/ Brock Lesnar/ Hong Man Choi/Johnnie Morton and more
    (Participating fighters may be changed because of injury) _Tickets (All tickets include tax)
  • Tickets (All tickets include tax)
    Floor Seats (All reserve tickets)
    General Admission Tickets:
  • Tickets available by:
    Ticketmaster :
    LA Coliseum Box Office Contact Info:
    LA Coliseum Box Office
    Box office address:
 tv schedule

[USA] June 02, 2007
SHOWTIME / 18:00-19:00
SHOWTIME PPV / 19:00-22:00

[KOREA] June 02, 2007
CJ Media / LIVE!

[JAPAN] June 04, 2007
TBS / 21:00-23:00

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